This information is Not for Individual Players.

If you are an individual Player and seek Guild membership, please refer to the normal channels of applying to the Zen Guild via other areas of this website. Thank you.

This information IS for the Leaders of Guilds or Organized Groups of PvP Players.

Greetings Alliance Guild Leaders on the Sisters of Elune Realm,

The reign of domination by the Horde on this realm Stops NOW! In PvE and in PvP, the Horde have for a very long time held the upper hand on this realm, it is high time we change that. With the recent Realm First – Guild Level 25 achievement earned by the Zen Guild, we have proven that the Horde can be stopped. Through cooperation, coordination, communication, and cohesion, we the players of The Alliance can and will bring the Horde to their knees.

YOU, as the leaders of Alliance Guilds can take a proactive and positive stand to join us in this adventure. This is a Call to Action for those of you with the influence and resources to aid in this epic hostile takeover. (And you stinky Horde that find this page, this Call to Action also serves as your official statement too: You are Hereby on Notice, We are Coming To Kill YOU!)

….to be Continued.