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Zen is a Raiding Guild on the Sisters of Elune realm for mature-minded, raid-oriented players whom want to enjoy their game immersion with other adults in a pleasant atmosphere.

Any and All players whom wish to explore Raid Progression in a cooporative and friendly environment are welcome to join us. Veteran Raiders as well as entry-level 85's, or those newer to the game are accepted into our fold.

Come explore PvE Raid Progression with us as we venture into end-game content and rack up some awesome achievements.

Welcome to Zen

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Zen - Raiding Guild Recruitment

by Penelopae, 3269 days ago

Zen is Currently Recruiting:

We are currently and actively recruiting all classes.

Requirements for our Raiders:

    Ventrilo - For cues, assignments, and loot award. Raiders must be able to hear raid leaders at all times during a raid.
    Omen - Threat meter for all Tank and DPS classes.
    DBM - DeadlyBossMods is required for raid.
    EP/GP - EPGP Lootmaster System.

Requirements for All Members:
    Positive and Mature attitude.
    Must play well with others.
    Must be a Good Sport.
    Must be tolerant and sensitive to ALL members in regards to gender, race, religion, national origin, and anything else. Period.
    In cartoon-land, we are all equal.
    Happy, fun, polite people are Win


Questions or special cases, please contact Penelopae or any member of our Guild Council, in-game via mail or tell.

Thank You

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Where to Get Required Addons

by Penelopae, 3269 days ago

Find download links and details about our Required Addons Here:


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